Brand : Nuova Simonelli

1-Group Super-Automatic Microbar – Nuova Simonel

The 1-Group Super-Automatic Microbar (MMICRO4CAP21000) is an incredibly advanced super-automatic espresso machine from Nuova Simonelli. Capable of producing premier quality espresso thanks to its micrometric grinder control and brewing group made from heavy aluminum and thermo-compensated steel, the Microbar is perfectly suited as a self-serve espresso machine in high-end businesses or as a top-quality home espresso maker. Plus, its elegant, sleek design and easy to use interface make the Microbar an eye-caching, customer friendly espresso machine that brews some of the best espresso available. The five liter water tank means that the Microbar can be placed even in places without access to a direct water line. Features: Two independent conical burr coffee grinders, Coffee ground collection tray, Built in milk foaming device, External hot water/steam wand, LCD display, 8 different coffee based drinks in the preprogrammed menu, Smart Infusion System, Automatic coffee and milk washing programs, Programmable stea


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