Agile AL2500 Review I recently bought a 2016 AL 2500. This guitar includes body and mind stock binding. Has got the Les Paul body design using TuneOMatic bridge, lively pups, with two tone and volume controls. The black glistening body together with the black pick guard, black inlays, and Maple fretboard, really give this guitar a fantastic appearance, and fashion. With just a small customizing, it is going to look amazing!

In addition, it appears to work nicely with my Zoom multi effects pedal. Get a small amount of hum with higher profit, but maybe not enough to become a problem. This guitar gives a vast assortment of tones using these pickups. Appears to seem somewhat brighter than my 3100, particularly on the clean atmosphere. Appears to pack a lot of punch when overdrive is pumped in, even with no effects pedal.

The guitar was set up well directly from the box. I might have just tuned it and played with it just like it arrived with no situation. I seemed that the guitar over quite nicely and couldn’t find one defect in this axe. So far it seems wonderful! The finish on this guitar is exceptional in comparison to a few of the other guitars. High gloss without a swirl marks at all. I looked it over using a flashlight, also could not find something to complain about. The action is wonderful. The frets are fine and low for simple glide from chord to chord. Makes playing lead guitar a cinch. I possessed another 2500 along with the frets appeared somewhat high on that specific guitar, but that one feels ideal. I’ve conducted a detailed review, and I am quite particular about my guitars. I can not find something wrong with this axe.

I have two additional Agile guitars and they’ve held up great through time. This is the very first one I’ve bought with black tuners, therefore I can not really say whether the end will survive, but the end in my additional Agiles look equally as great after 3 years since they did once they came. I always assess the pins, plus they look strong as they do in my other AL’s. But great to test just in case. This goes without saying with almost any new guitar. The end on all of my Agile guitar really are super fine, and super durable. This new arrival appears amazing!

Overall Impression — 9 I have been playing guitar for close to 25 decades. I play mostly Blues and ’70s Rock, also I’ve been really impressed with all the lineup of Agile guitars, especially for the price. I adore the high gloss finish Rondo offers along with the playability of those tools. I have a Gibson Custom Pro, along with an Epi Custom Professional. I must mention that my Agile 3100, along with also my 2500 guitars certainly are a far closer comparison to my Gibson compared to my new Epi Custom. I am actually planning to post my own Epi up available next week. I’m new to this website, and also have read the comparisons involving the Epiphone, and Agile LP style guitars. I must mention that Agile is hands down the more playable guitar straight from the box no matter the cost. I am not wanting to seem as a Rondo representative here, however these guitars simply can not be beat at the price point. Check out to learn more about are martin acoustic guitar strings good.

When comparing to additional LP guitars in the purchase price range, I simply can not see how you can fail. My fresh Gloss Black AL2500, using black Trapazoid inlays is a blacked out monster! Sounds amazing, and performs excellent! For $259, it is almost too good to be true. I really don’t play as much as I used to, however I will tell you that for certain. If your on a budget, or perhaps not, try one of those axes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you buy for the price. Kind of makes you scratch your head about how they even earn a profit? I hope this article can help you guys work out the time consuming task of trying to choose which kind of LP to purchase. If you can not manage a Gibby, absolutely proceed with the Agile. If your looking to market down the street, then spring to the Gibby, however if your only looking for an excellent axe for a excellent price, go with all the Agile series. You can not lose. The quality appears to be becoming even better judging in my latest purchase. Thank you for the forum to let me submit my unbiased and honest reviews. Rock on!


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