Brand : Coffee Buddys

Bean Buddy, Best Manual Coffee Grinder – Durable Hand-Crank Mill With Stainless Steel Handle and Ceramic Burr – Wake Up With The Freshest Coffee Beans Each Day – 2 Year Guarantee

Whether You’re at Home or on The Road – Never Drink Bland, Stale Coffee Again! Any coffee drinker knows that the best cup of coffee comes from the freshest ground beans – but big, noisy electric grinders take up kitchen space, can make a mess, and are impossible to use if you don’t have a power outlet handy. That’s what makes the Bean Buddy the ideal solution for anyone who travels often, hates using an electric grinder, or just appreciates a fresh cup of coffee on the go. This slim design will fit easily into a backpack or luggage and the handle can be detached for storage, so you can grind the freshest beans anywhere you go,no need to settle for weak, stale coffee at a diner or pay $5 for a latte at a coffee shop. Experience the Superior Flavor of Hand-Ground Beans Many don’t realize that electric coffee mills don’t always give the most flavorful grind. The high-powered blades damage the delicate beans and heat the grounds as they chop, resulting in damage to the fragile compounds which give rich, full coffee its scent and flavor. The ceramic burr on the Bean Buddy provides a consistent grind every time and can be adjusted for any brewing method. Easily grind exactly the desired amount of beans – from a single cup up to 1 liter of coffee, so you never end up grinding more than you need and won’t have stale, leftover grounds to use up later. Durable Design Will Not Rust – Guaranteed for Two Years The exterior of the Bean Buddy is made of a sturdy, hard plastic that will withstand travel and regular use. The ceramic burr will not rust the way metal blades or grinders are prone to, and the entire grinder is easy to open up and clean whenever needed. While with proper care and maintenance, this grinder can last for years, if you run into any defects or problems with the Bean Buddy within 2 years of purchase, simply contact us and we’ll replace it for you immediately. Order the Bean Buddy Now for the Perfect Fresh Cup of Coffee Anytime, Anyplace


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