Price : $39.95
Brand : Bellemain

Bellemain Stainless Steel Double Wall French Coffee Press 35 fl. oz.

Leave it to Bellemain to bring together two great ideas: the unmatchable flavor and infusion control you get with a traditional glass coffee press, plus the superior durability, thermal retention and water clarity that double-walled, double-filtered stainless steel brings to the table.

Double Walls Keep Coffee Hot up to 2 Hours
Coffee made in a glass press cools off almost immediately. But with the Bellemain’s double wall construction, your brew can stay conveniently in the carafe, hot and ready to drink for up to 2 hours. The exterior is a stylish polished finish; the inner wall has a brushed finish.

Stay-Cool Handle & Knob
Another great advantage of the Bellemain’s double walls is that they keep heat from transferring to the stainless steel handle and lid knob — eliminating the need for plastic parts that could break, degrade, harbor bacteria or leach harmful chemicals.

2-Layer Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Keeps Grounds Out of Coffee
What the first layer doesn’t catch, the second one will. Result: a pure, grit-free cup of coffee. And unlike paper filters, the mesh lets the coffee bean’s essential oils pass through to make the incredibly flavorful, full bodied coffee that only a French press can deliver.

Easy Care, Rust-, Break- and Scratch-Resistant 18/10 Stainless Steel
Every part of the Bellemain is top quality, food grade stainless steel — no plastic or glass — so you can expect many years of trouble-free performance. After brewing your coffee, just put the whole thing in the dishwasher: carafe, lid, plunger, filters and all.

Includes 1 Replacement Filters & 2 Year Warranty
The Bellemain French Coffee Press comes complete with 3 stainless steel filters (2 already assembled in the plunger plus 1 extra). Even better, you get the assurance of a complete satisfaction guarantee.


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