Brand : Teika

Black Manual Coffee Grinder, Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder -Food Saftey Ceramic, Hand-crank Coffee Mill


-can be washed,the lower glass tank can be stored coffee powder, more convenient.

-Streamlined design, elegant and generous, glass bottle, intuitive appreciation, be clear at a glance, let you enjoy the pleasure of grinding coffee.

-Mill type design, more durable, bean grinding machine can adjust the thickness, flour evenly. -Professional ceramic grinding core plus three mandatory blade design, quick grinding beans easily,coffee taste is not lost.

-Detachable type non-slip, anti-collision bottom pad more convenient and safe.


-Coffee contains oil, so the bean grinding machine after grinding must be clean, otherwise oil fouling, can have rot for a long time, even for advanced beans, also be ground into the smell of powder.

-In the process of grinding, do not turn too fast, should be gently turning, as far as possible make the ground does not produce frictional heat.


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