Price : $37.00
Brand : Bold Bean Architects

Bold Bean Architects’ Best Manual Coffee Grinder- Burr Mill *Stainless Steel with Ceramic Millstone, Fully Adjustable Grind From Drip Course to Espresso Superfine- *High Quality and Elegant Design with Covered Top for Comfortable Two Handed Milling

Bold Bean Architects presents a Revolutionary New Manual Coffee Mill!

Our coffee mill is:

* Beautifully designed

* Easy to use

* Durable

* Fully adjustable.

Tired of having your coffee beans fly out of your mill and create a mess?

* We have got you covered, no mess

* Bold Bean Architects Coffee Mill has a clear covered top with a stainless steel door.

* No glass, so it will not break if dropped.


* This mill is ergonomically designed to be held in both hands for a more natural turning motion.

* Your favorite whole bean coffee is crushed to release every aromatic note.

* Our Solid Stainless Steel Design is a Beautiful Piece next to all your Coffee Accessories and looks great in your modern kitchen.

* We offer you the perfect control over your grind for your perfect cup of coffee.

* No K-cups for the landfill.

* Each cup of coffee can be freshly milled for the freshest tasting cup of coffee or grind enough for an entire pot, you build your perfect cup.

* Every aspect of our mill is designed for ease of use and beauty.

* The ceramic Millstone can be adjusted with a few twists and go from coarse to powder in seconds.

* Solid handle fits fully into palm for easy milling.


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