Price : $39.99
Brand : Bruntmor

Bruntmor, 8 Cup (34 Oz) French Coffee Press with 3 Bonus Screens, Stainless Steel Plunger & Borosilicate Heat Resistant Glass

Now You Can Make Coffee Like A World Champion!

Why Make Coffee With A French Press? Simple. The answer is flavor.

The french press keeps coffee bean’s full flavor in each cup of coffee. The stainless steel filter removes the grinds but keeps the complete aroma and flavor from the coffee bean oil.

How To Make Award Winning Coffee With Your
BRUNTMOR French Press You need three ingredients to make an incredible cup of coffee: water, ground coffee beans and this
BRUNTMOR french press!

You’ll never need to spend more money on extra filters like you would for other coffee makers. Now you can make thousands of cups of coffee without needing any more supplies than your water and ground coffee beans.

Would you like a true premium French Press coffee maker unlike the common types everybody else seems to have? Quality you can see and feel, makes you the tastiest coffee or tea! Thats the
BRUNTMOR French press coffee and tea maker by

A uniquely designed and crafted French press with fine chrome construction makes for a wonderful table top coffee and tea making experience. Commonly known as a French Press coffee maker, this style of manual coffee making has been long accepted as perhaps the best way to make full flavored coffee. By allowing the coarse ground coffee to infuser completely over a few minutes, the flavors and oils extracted in this process are unmatched. It has a dual filter system, with the main press being one, and another one in the lid as well.

When You make your coffee or tea, turn the lid to close the press while your coffee or tea steeps, and turn it again to open it to pour, That will retain heat and allow for better flavor for your coffee or tea.

The BRUNTMOR French press coffee and tea maker is truly a premium French press unlike any other.


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