Price : $29.56
Brand : Bruntmor

Bruntmor, PLATINUM Special Edition 18/10 Steel 34oz French Coffee Press Non Drip Spout, Non-Rust – With Coffee Scoop

Bruntmor French Press Brews 1 liter (8 coffee cups), 34oz. of the best rich tasting coffee. Carafe is made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and all parts are BPA free. Not all French press coffee makers are the same. If you want a French press that will make you a delicious cup of coffee for years to come, you need one that’s made with high-quality materials, This Bruntmor French press can also make tea that will delight you and your guests. Ideal for homes with coffee & tea lovers, All parts are dishwasher safe, Special Double Shock Resistant Borosilicate Beaker give the extra protection to the coffee press instead of the regular wall Glass which are used by most others.A uniquely designed and crafted French press with fine chrome construction makes for a wonderful table top coffee and tea making experience. Commonly known as a French Press coffee maker, this style of manual coffee making has been long accepted as perhaps the best way to make full flavored coffee. By allowing the coarse ground coffee to infuser completely over a few minutes, the flavors and oils extracted in this process are unmatched. It has a dual filter system, with the main press being one, and another one in the lid as well.

About Bruntmor:

We here at
Bruntmor know an excellent cup of coffee starts with the tools you use to grind, brew and enjoy. We have traversed the world from the farms of Ethiopia to the volcano’s of Hawaii from the jungles of Columbia to the streets of Paris to find the best coffee products available. At Bruntmor We produce the finest French presses, Coffee Mills, Tumblers and Flatware to Enjoy and Savor Each sip. At Bruntmor Quality is our top priority and it shows in our collection of products. So if you are a Coffee Snob like us you know it all starts with a


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