Brand : E-PRANCE

Burr Coffee Grinder, E-PRANCE Hand Coffee Mill with Stainless-Steel Design, Adjustable Fineness Setting, 30g Capacity

E-PRANCE Hand Coffee Mill is designed for ground coffee lovers. Whether you are at home or in a travel, you can take it along and enjoy the fragrance of freshly made coffee. Compared with other grinders on the market, our products are outstanding with these features below.

Slim, small and stainless-steel design makes it very easy to carry, store and use.

Even when working, it produces very little noise, which will surely give you great experience.

-Easy to handle-
Easy to assemble and use, only several steps are needed before you can create hand-made coffee.

Long hand crank with pentagon shaped nut makes it effortless to grind and avoids you of any risk of slippage.

-Adjustable Fineness-
Turn the knob at the center of the cylinder clockwise to make fine powder or counter-clockwise for coarse powder.

-Ceramic burrs-
Ceramic burrs are quieter when working compared with metal burrs, and will keep the original flavor of the coffee.

Height: 19.2cm
Hand crank length: 14.6cm
Cylinder diameter: 4.9cm
Net weight: 257g
Material: stainless steel, plastic, acrylic and ceramic

Package Includes:
1*hand crank;
1*stainless steel grinder;
1*manual book.


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