Brand : Caffe Cagliari

Caffe Cagliari Carina Italian Coffee Espresso Machine w/ Milk Frother (Red)

For over 100 years, Caffe Cagliari has focused its efforts on the production and optimization of Espresso coffee blends, endeavoring to improve the process and eventually the way that coffee is consumed. The Caffe Cagliari Carina Espresso Machine gives coffee lovers the ultimate taste experience, while providing a modern and elegant design that will compliment any kitchen’s decor. This Nespresso compatible espresso maker is designed simplistically to ensure the consumer can easily perfect the ideal taste and flavor that they desire from their cup of coffee. A soft touch display, easy water tank refill system and a fully automatic extraction process make brewing your own beans a breeze. The included Carina milk frother compliments the machine and allows for a variety of espresso beverages to be crafted, such as cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos. The Cagliari Family has created an authentic coffee drinking experience since Ambrogio Cagliari set off to Brazil over a century ago to learn the art of coffee selection. The company has since evolved to perfect not only the way beans are processed, but also the way we drink our coffee, with the Carina Espresso Machine. Cup and saucer included. **Carina Capsule Machine: Water Tank Capacity – 0.8 liters (3.4 Cups), Capsule Tray Capacity – 12 Empty Capsules; Milk Frother: Minimum Capacity – 80 ml, Maximum Capacity – 150 ml


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