Price : $8.50
Brand : Tiger Corporation

Citric Acid Descaling Powder

Citric acid powder is nature's perfect natural remedy in dissolving the hard water deposits that build up on the sides of the kettle's pot and can eventually clog the pump. This 4 pack of Citric Acid can be used as required, depending on how hard the tap water is in your area. Under normal conditions, it is recommended to use one packet (30 grams /1 oz) every 3 months to keep your kettle working optimally. This 4-pack supplies a year of cleaning.

Normal Descaling instructions:
Fill your appliance to the maximum water level, empty 1 packet (1 ounce) into the water and let the appliance run through its cycle. For hot water kettles, you would need the water to heat for up to 3 hours and then dispense to clean the electric pump, tubes and spout. After descaling, rinse out appliance to remove the excess scale and citric acid remnants. Filtered water is always recommended to lessen the hard water deposits in your appliances. This should be enough to descale your product. If hard deposits still exists, repeat as necessary until clean.

This is a Japanese domestic manufactured product, so the packets are in Japanese.


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