Brand : Clean Blaster

Clean Blaster Descaler for Coffee Makers Iron and and and 17.6 Oz (500ml)

simple application
•decalcified and cleans
•gentle on materials & effective
•environmentally friendly

Liquid special descaler and cleaner for coffee machines, semi-automatic, piston machines, espresso machines and coffee pod machines. As well as for descaling kettles, irons, hot water heater and other water-carrying devices.

Give one litre and one bottle in the coffee or Espresso machine

Application in the sprayer for the fast removal of dirt and lime removal on fittings, shower walls and in industrial environments with high demands on material compatibility.

food safe - After rinsing devices are ready for use again.

effectively - The product is about 3x stronger than citric acid solutions and up to 5x faster than branded decalcifiers. It is suitable in opposite to citric acid-based softening agents to Heißentkalkung also because it does not form sparingly soluble Calcium citrates.

material compatibility - The Decalcifier has a gentle material and fast decalcification, as it acts immediately. It solves all the calcium deposits and flushes them out with. Even the finest nozzles are free.

environmentally friendly - The reaction of the acid with lime to form salts, the acid is neutralized. It contributes to the neutralization of the wastewater in excess of existing bases (from Reiniguns-/Waschmitteln).

user-friendly - When using neither caused unpleasant odors, nor put off the substances.

As with most cleaners / decalcifiers be by increasing the factors of time - optimizes temperature results - active ingredient. Extremes are to be avoided.

Water heater
Can simply give a shot Clean Blaster into the water.
The label is in dutch


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