Brand : Brew Perfect

Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip Stainless Steel with Decorative Glass Gems 1 Tablespoon per Scoop (Amethyst Purple)

Make every bag of coffee a pretty one with our decorative coffee scoop with bag clip. Our coffee scoop with bag clip is hand decorated with colorful stones to dress up your bag for any occasion. Whether it be your daily pick-me-up in the morning or cuddling up with a cup of coffee and a book on a Saturday afternoon, our coffee scoop with bag clip will help keep your coffee fresh and your scoop handy for convenient brewing, while being a stylish accessory to your coffee. We recommend 2 scoops per cup to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Hand wash only with mild soap and warm water. Made of stainless steel this coffee scoop will stand up to day by day use. Precisely measure one tablespoon of your most loved espresso, coffee sugar, flour and more. Purchase one for yourself and one for a companion or relative! These make interesting gifts for any birthday, wedding, Mothers Day or for your organizations special events.


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