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Coffeeget 6 Cup 27 Oz French Press Coffee Maker with Thick Heat Resistant Glass

Now You Can Make Coffee Like A World Champion Barista

Why Make Coffee With A French Press?
Simple. The answer is flavor.
The french press keeps coffee bean’s full flavor in each cup of coffee.
The stainless steel filter removes the grinds but keeps the complete aroma and flavor from the coffee bean oil.

How To Make Award Winning Coffee With Your French Press
You need three ingredients to make an incredible cup of coffee: water, ground coffee beans and this french press.
Now you can make thousands of cups of coffee without needing any more supplies than your water and ground coffee beans.

Why Should You Choose This French Press Coffee Maker
Not all french press coffee makers are the same. If you want a french press that will make you adelicious cup of coffee for years to come,
you need one that’s made with high quality materials.
Our french press is made with a commercial grade 3 part stainless steel filter and 1.8mm thick heat resistant glass that is guaranteed to keep a coffee lover happy for a lifetime.


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