Brand : CoffeeWerks

CoffeeWerks Manual

The CoffeeWerks “Vintage Cafe” manual grinder is great for the coffee lover who wants control over their grind. The ceramic burr is adjustable from fine to coarse making it idea for all coffee variations, espresso to drip coffee. Go green! No electricity required. This grinder is a welcome addition to the RV, boat and camp kitchen. Adjusting the grind of your coffee is easy. Prior to first use, tighten the two screws located in the bowl 1/4 to 1/2 turn. All grinders are shipped loose to prevent damage in shipping. To adjust the burr: 1. Remove the handle nut, handle and cog wheel stop. This will give you access to the adjustment cog wheel. 2. Adjust the grind by rotating the adjustment cog wheel clockwise (raising the burr) for fine and counter clockwise(lowering the burr) for coarse. When storing coffee in the grinder, fully raise the burr to seal the grind mechanism by rotating the cog nut clockwise until it is fully closed. Do not over tighten. Clean exterior and interior with a damp cloth. To clean the Burr mechanism run ⅓ cup of rice through the grinder. Enjoy!


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