Brand : eBoot

eBoot 6.88 Inch Nylon Bottle Brush Tube Brush Pipe Cleaning Brushes, 10 Pieces

10 pcs in set, made of stainless steel and nylon bristles

Whole length: 6.88 inch (17.5 cm), brush length: 1.18 inch (3 cm), brush head diameter: 0.27 inch (0.7 cm)


1, High-density nylon brush silk production, with good elasticity, lint-free.

2, Stainless steel wire wound, no rust, flexible, easily deformed.

3, The bristles of the spiral, good contact with the straw wall, straw scrub, more thorough clean.

4, Applicable to all kinds of built-in straw bottles and water bottles to clean.


1, First put on straw and straw brush wash (with a cleaning liquid water), scrub gently with a pipette to brush back and forth.

2, The brush head through the pipette head, then turn the brush, the bristles will be cleansed usually difficult to wash to the site.

3, Rinse well after washing and hang dry straw brush.

4, Please do not apply to high temperature, so as not to damage the bristles.

Weight: 39g

Color: White

Package includes:

10 * Nylon brushes

1 * Packing box


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