Price : $58.80
Brand : EG&H

EG&H 60 Stainless Steel Espresso Knock Box

The EG&H 60 stainless steel espresso knock box is the ideal companion to your home espresso machine. Use the knock box to loosen and discard spent compacted espresso grounds by tapping the portafilter against the rubber bar. Dishwasher SafeOnce you have filled the knockbox with used espresso grounds, you can easily dump them into a trash bin. The bar and rubber base are removable to pop the box directly into the dishwasher for no-hassle cleaning. PracticalityWith a compact size the EG&H 60 stainless steel espresso knock is a very practical ground depository for ordinary home kitchens. Not to mention, the contemporary design makes a great decorative piece in your kitchen! Protective BarThe knock bar is removable for simple cleaning and is coated with rubber to prevent your espresso portafilter from being damaged or dented. Heavy-Duty BaseThe EG&H 60 stainless steel espresso knock box has a thick rubber base to keep the box in one place while in use. The base also acts as a sound filter, so you don’t create a lot of noise while tapping the portafilter.


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