Price : $110.99
Brand : Mixpresso Coffee

Espresso Machine & Milk Frother – Nespresso Compatible Capsules – By Mixpresso (Black with 20 Bonus Capsules)

Engineered to be your favorite coffee maker, the Mixpresso Capsule Machine uses its technology to ensure the optimal drink every time. Mixpresso’s system identifies the drink and adjusts the water, temperature and brewing time to deliver café favorites at your finger tips. Mixpresso’s Capsule Machine is a pump driven machine that hits pressures 4-5 times greater than that of the cheaper steam driven capsule machines on the market. All this guarantees you a much better extraction from the espresso grinds yielding the best flavor while creating the crema foam at the top of your espresso. This is 100% Nespresso Capsule compatible with a milk foamer that is easy to clean so you always have different varieties of drinks at the touch of a button. Comes with 20 complementary capsules.


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