Price : $6.99
Brand : Filteristic

Filteristic Six Single Cup Brewer Replacement Charcoal Filters – For Keurig – Water Filter Cartridges

Filteristic Six Single Cup Brewer Replacement Charcoal Filters.

To produce the best tasting coffee for yourself, we can all agree that it all starts with the water (not to take away anything from the amazing beans) but if mixing great coffee through pure water, your left with the tastes you wanted when buying the coffee you like.

What happens when using Filteristic?

By filtering through Charcoal, Filteristic makes sure that the espresso and coffee you make in Keurig machines are of the highest possible quality by reducing water hardness, removing flavors and odors caused by minerals, chlorine or impurities.

Produced exclusively for the use with Keurig Single Cup Reservoir Brewing Systems purchased after August 2007.

Compatible with elite, classic, ultra, special edition, ultimate, select and platinum.

Not compatible with the Mini Brewing System, Mini Plus Brewing System, the B145 Office PRO Brewing System, or the Rivo System.

Includes a one year supply – 6 charcoal filters – FDA Approved


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