Price : $22.95
Brand : GUILIA Company

French Coffee Press & Espresso Maker 8 Cup/34OZ, 2 Bonus Replacement Filters from GUILIA, Borosilicate Glass Pot and Stainless Steel Coffee Press (Chrome)

Tired of Looking for a Superior Quality Coffee Press That Will Last for Years and Make Your Coffee Tasting Experience a Genuine Pleasure?

GUILIA French Press has just been ranked
1# NEW RELEASE on Amazon!

NOT JUST A COFFEE PRESS! – The genius design of this GUILIA French Pot makes it a versatile kitchen tool that can handle much more than just coffee brewing… and it’s not only the famous cold brew it can do! Large glass pitcher can handle the hottest of liquids, and its double screen filter can sort out most of irritating solids. It can be given the tasks far more challenging than brewing leaf tea or coffee such as: Infuse Oils and Liquor, Froth Milk, Rinse tiny grains such as Quinoa and many more.

TOP QUALITY MATERIAL and SLEEK DESIGN with TWO Bonus replacement filters worth over $25 absolutely free

• We use only the best quality material to produce this GUILIA French Press: heat-resistant Borosilicate glass, stainless steel frame and plastic handle to provide you with a reliable and durable product

• The elegant design of our french press makes it a perfect coffee maker for everyday use as well as a beautiful gift idea for your friends or family

• We have doubled the filters in our coffee press so the only thing you will find in your favourite mug is the delicious coffee with its powerful oils. Nothing else…

Best Tasting Coffee Every Time

• Brewing coffee in GUILIA French Press allows to retain the precious natural oils that other paper filters absorb

Start sharing the great taste of your coffee with family and friends, just scroll up and press “ADD TO Cart” botton!

“GUILIA- share coffee share love”


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