French Press Coffee and Loose Tea Maker. Complete Bundle Set. 8 Cups 34 Ounce. Stainless Steel Bag Clip & Scoop. Stainles Steel Mesh replacement Screens. Black Coffee Press Pot for no Ground Guarantee.

As a small husband & wife business (I’m the wife), we often spend countless sleepless nights awake creating, perfecting and seeking out the perfect products to bring to you, our customers, for our business. You see, I would be what the coffee world would call a “novice”. I knew nothing about the different grinds of coffee or how to run that crazy machine in the grocery store aisle. Frankly it scared me a bit. I simply used coffee as a tool to keep me up at night or wake me up in the morning. Not caring about the taste, and just believing all coffee taste horrible. So, I became a connoisseur of the creamer world. See I didn’t have a coffee problem…I had a creamer one. LOL. That is until my birthday that year. My friend gave me a french coffee press for my birthday & reality shifted. With my very first cup of coffee on my new french press, I was hooked. Wow…could coffee actually taste good…without the creamer? So, I abandoned my “drip coffee maker & cup’ and we sought to bring to our customers the best, everyday, usable, stylish, practical french press that everyone would be proud to use or give as a gift. This is great for the busy mom (like me) or the working mom/dad (we keep one at the office), perfect to entertaining friends & family (they love to see how this gadget works) and one of the best gifts I’ve ever received…so you know it is a great one for you too. We pledge to our customers that they will have buying confidence, that the gift they are about to give or receive, is the best quality ever! Not only will we make you look like the coolest gift giver ever with our “fridge worthy” instruction sheet and super fun how-to video, but our two extra gifts included, alone make this an exceptional value. Thanks for trusting us and I promise you will love it or I will buy it back.


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