Brand : CM4801

Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine CM4801

This machine is for commercial and household use. It’s good for office and party. Original retail price is $1099.00, now you save 50%. *15bar electromagnetic pressure pump *Thermo block heating system to ensure the precise temperature and instant steam *1.8L large removable transparent water tank *200g coffee bean box capacity *Short brewing time for full-bodied espresso with perfect creamy *Professional milk frothing device: sucks milk and delivers creamy milk froth directly into cup, excellent for cappuccino making *Hot water spout to produce hot water over 90â: ideal for tea or other hot beverage *LCD digital programmable menu settings with blue light for your easy operation *Fully intelligent system to remind user the facing problem and how to settle promptly *Adjustable coffee temperature, strength and particle size for different tastes *Fully automatic grinding, brewing and descaling function *Height-adjustable coffee spouts for different coffee cups *Safe and reliable, with overheating and overpressure protected device *Elegant design with stainless steel decoration *Drip tray with red buoy to let you know the height of used water *Warming plate on top of the machine preheats cups for the best coffee quality *Detachable frothing device, drip tray and residual box for your easy cleaning *Can make: Italy coffee, American coffee, Espresso and Cappuccino


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