Brand : GiantBest

Galleany Manual Ceramic Coffee Mill – Best Adjustable Conical Ceramic Burr – Hand Grinder Stainless Steel- Guaranteed

You are few clicks away from discovering the best coffee bean grinder!

Do you love coffee? Small, easy to use and affordable, this grinder will take your home brewing to the next level. If you can’t imagine starting your day without a terrific cup of java, consider what freshly-ground beans can add to the brewing process. Coffee beans begin to lose flavor and aroma from the moment of grinding, so for the peak experience, grind your own!

The Galleany Manual Coffee Grinder has been thoroughly tested and has been trusted by our satisfied and happy customers. We stand behind everything we sell, and so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it – no questions asked! When you select our grinder, you are

Capacity: 50ml

Weight: 256g

Grinder: Ceramic

Spice container: Acrylic

Body: Polished Stainless Steel

Handle: Plated zinc


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