Price : $18.99
Brand : aCompatible

Generic Capresso 4640.93 Charcoal Water Filters for Capresso CoffeeTeam TS (12 filters)

The water filter makes your coffee delicious just the way you crave. Ask any coffee connoisseur, great tasting coffee is more than using great quality beans-using the right quality of water is equally important. Simply put, great tasting water makes great tasting coffee. Apart from taste, the filter also ensures you’re not ingesting harmful chemicals as it removes chlorine, calcium, bad tastes. The filter lasts almost two months and can be easily replaced. Not just a recommendation, but a necessity, the water filter shows you the difference between gourmet tasting coffee and just any coffee. While some things in life can be overlooked, compromising on a great cup of coffee is definitely not on the list. Brew your coffee the right way to get the flavor you want without the chemicals and odors you don’t. Generic water filters are packed in a box but not a bubble wrap so that can be protected perfectly.


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