Price : $124.99
Brand : Handpresso

Handpresso Outdoor Set Black, One Size

Over the course of our cycling careers, we’ve easily spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on mid-ride coffees. Obviously, we like coffee on the go, and you can’t beat espresso for a quick jolt to energize flagging legs and get you over that final hill before home. At a mere 8. 6 inches long, the Wild hybrid at the heart of the Handpresso Outdoor Set is small enough to take in a jersey pocket for a mid-ride boost, or you can fit the whole set in a pannier for a trail-side cafe. The set includes the Handpresso Wild hybrid handheld espresso press and thermally insulated, thermometer-topped flask for keeping the wet half of espresso’s recipe at an appropriate temperature. The Wild earns the hybrid designation because it works with either loose espresso grounds or pre-loaded E. S. E. pods, which are little packets of espresso grounds that eliminate the mess and hassle of juggling beans, grounds, hot water, and the Wild itself. The Wild pumps up like a bike pump, and can generate an impressive 232 PSI, well beyond the usual 116 to 145 PSI necessary for making espresso. Its water reservoir is 50 milliliters. To enjoy the fruits of your labor, Handpresso rounds the outdoor set off with four demitasse (which Handpresso claims are unbreakable), a small napkin, and a carrying case.


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