Brand : In Coffee Store

In – French Press — Premium Quality Coffee Maker — 34 Ounces – 8 Cup — Includes the Coffee Scoop.



Tired of Quick Fixes and bad results? While it is true that the automatic machines are fast and convenient, nothing beats the flavor intensity and body of a coffee brewed in a French Press.

Our French press is manufactured under the highest quality standards, which passes through a system of quality assurance, ISO 9001: 2008 tests and food: as FDA, LFGB. Is the reason that you do not have to worry about the strength and durability of your FRENCH PRESS, just enjoy a unique style, to prepare a delicious coffee in an excellent and elegant FRENCH PRESS.

Our product has an instructional sheet that will let you know the parts of your FRENCH PRESS and will also guide you step by step in preparing your coffee.


By adding this product to your cart, will be taking the best FRENCH PRESS, with LIFETIME WARRANTY. So go ahead and add your FRENCH PRESS now to your cart


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