Price : $2595.00
Brand : Izzo

Izzo Alex-Duetto-3 Espresso Machine – Double Boiler – Pid

Looking to up your home espresso game? The Alex Duetto 3 may be your new heartthrob. Its predecessor, the Duetto II, set the standard for home espresso machines with its muscly interior, sturdy build, and classic look. Now, the 3rd generation brings this beloved machine to a whole new level. Like the previous version, the Duetto 3 is an E61 espresso machine that combines PID (digitally controlled temperature stability), dual boilers, and the ability to plumb in or use the water reservoir with the already stellar reputation of the legendary group head. While we have an extended list of the upgrades below, here are a few of our favorites: new curved body styling replacing outer shell, ergonomic portafilters, standard cup rails, and reinforced front panel to reduce flexing when locking in the portafilter.


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