Jazz Up Your Java at Home

Jazz Up Your Java home

Based on 2005 National Coffee Drinking Trends, published by the National Coffee Association of U.S.A. Inc., over 53 % of consumers age 18 and older drink coffee every day, up from 49 per cent in 2004. That results in 7.7 million new coffee drinkers.

With customers appreciating a wider range of coffee products in offices, corner cafes and restaurants, they’re also demanding better-tasting coffee in the home. Below are a few ideas for a much better brew:

* Pressure-brewed is the best. In blind examinations, more folks prefer the flavor of coffee that’s high-pressure brewed, versus just about any strategy. High-pressure-brewed coffee requires employing pump-pressure coffee devices, like espresso machines.

* All pressure-coffee machines aren’t equal. There are many kinds of these machines. Steam-driven espresso devices generate force in a closed boiler, then force the heated water through the coffee. Most make as much as 10 ounces of coffee at any given time. A pump espresso machine pumps warm water through surface coffee faster than a steam machine, creating more pressure with better flavor and aroma.

Automatic coffee facilities, like those from Jura-Capresso, provide optimum taste and aroma because they grind the beans prior to the high-pressure brewing process. These devices control all aspects of high-pressure brewing, resulting in a significantly better quality drink, no matter whether you choose an espresso, cappuccino, latte or perhaps a large cup of pressure-brewed coffee.

* seek out crema. Crema is dense frothy foam that sits above pressure-brewed coffee or espresso, trapping all the flavor and aroma underneath.

* A high-pressure-brewed coffee should always be the beds base for the cappuccino or latte. If you want cappuccinos or lattes, try out the amount of milk to suit your style. Remember, coffee doesn’t have calories, but milk does.

* Determine your budget range. See your coffee-drinking practices. If you buy two cappuccinos on a daily basis, you might be spending about ,900 per year on gourmet coffee. For less than this, you can purchase a computerized coffee center from Jura-Capresso that creates the exact same quality found in the coffeehouses.

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