Price : $15.99
Brand : Jura

Jura Decalcifying Tablets

What is it?
Jura Decalcifying Tablets (9 tablets) European version

Why use it?
Does your coffee taste different?
Tired of nasty tasting coffee?
Maybe your Jura machine requires cleaning or decalcifying tablets! These clever tablets will ensure you have great tasting coffee all the time
Use these Jura-Capresso Decalcifying Tablets should your Jura-Capresso Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center indicate that decalcifying is required.
These Jura tablets are specially formulated for your Jura machine.
They eliminate the mineral build-up and help ensure delicious tasting coffee as well as prolonging the machines working life.

These Decalcifying tablets work for Jura-Capresso Fully Automatic Coffee & Espresso Centers: Impressa Z5/Z6, S7/S9 Avantgarde, F7/F8/F60, E8/E9

Measures approximately 1 by 1 by 1/3 inches each

What is in the box?
3 x 3 (9) Jura Decalcifying Tablets (European Version)


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