Price : $995.00
Brand : Jura

Jura Impressa C60 – Black

The successor to Jura’s affordable Impressa C5 machine, the Impressa C60 is available at the same modest price point while featuring several key upgrades that make it an even sweeter deal. Wrapped in the same sleek black plastic as its predecessor, the C60 is a smaller machine with a footprint of only 11″ L x 14″ W. With the push of a button you can craft an espresso beverage in less than 60 seconds with Swiss precision that Jura is known for. Among the improvements boasted by the C60, the machine now offers 4 selectable strength options that determines dosage of the shots you brew between 5 and 16 grams of coffee. You can further customize your experience with programmable water volume, brew temperature, and pre-brewing. Adjustments are made with the intuitive rotary switch, and the machine can remember you preferences to brew your preferred drink again and again. You can also adjust your settings on a per drink basis without losing your desired settings. Making milk beverages is easier than ever thanks to the fine foam frother. The frother works by siphoning milk from a container into an automated frothing device that delivers richly textured foam for all of your favorite milk based drinks. If you’re looking to accessorize, the frother is also compatible with Jura’s stainless steel and Cool Control milk containers. The water tank on the C60 holds a respectable 64oz of water. The C60 also features a bypass doser, allowing you to brew with pre-ground coffee in addition to whole beans. Maintenance of the machine is made simple thanks to rinsing and descaling programs. The descaling program can be programmed with your water hardness to determine how frequently it needs to be run and will remind when it’s time to descale your machine. For the energy conscious, the C60 can be programmed with designated shut off times to prevent excess power drain when not in use.


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