Price : $16.99
Brand : Kooking

Kooking Cup For Keurig VUE for the keurig UPGRADED

The KZ Cup is a 2in1 Cup that allows you to use traditional K-cups in your VUE Brewer. It also comes with the Eco-Fill cup that can be placed inside so that you may use your own coffee grounds!

Insert the K-Cup or any K-Cup you like into the KZ-Cup and press firmly to puncture the base. The top surface of the K-Cup must be flush with the top surface of the KZ-Cup.

Place KZ-cup in a VUE machine and brew

Use Any Coffee

1. Fill the favorite ground coffee into the Eco-Fill, then put place the whole into the KZ-Cup

2. Place KZ-Cup in a VUE machine and brew


ALWAYS make sure the KZ-Cup is laying flat in the brewer holder before the lid is closed.

NEVER before the lid is closed.

If the lid is hard to close, double check the alignment of the KZ-Cup in the holder.


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