Price : $1875.00
Brand : La Spaziale

La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi S1-II red

La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi S1- II Features -Dual Boiler ,-Steam Boiler 1.2 liter ,-Comes with NEW .9 mm Steam Tip ,-Steam Boiler Element 1250 Watts ,-Group Boiler .45 liter ,-Group Boiler Element 800 Watts ,-Programmable Offset Differential ,-Swivel Stainless Steel Steam Arm ,-Two 53 mm Portafilters: One Single and One Double ,-Manual Fill 3 liter Water Tank ,-Vibratory Pump (Extremely Quiet) ,-Volumetric Dosing ,-Volumetric Dosing Adjustable Through Touch Pad ,-One Degree Group Temperature Adjust ability Indicated by LED Display ,-Group Temperature Adjustable Through Touch Pad ,-Electronic Boiler Refill ,-Built-in Safety Thermostat ,-Built-in Safety Cut Out onĀ  Pump ,-Semiautomatic Hot Water Delivery ,-Fault Diagnosis Alarms ,-Dual Manometer -Color Black or Red ,-size 415 x 415 x 385 cm ,-weight 30 kg Testimonial FEW UNITS AVAILABLE AT THIS SPECIAL PRICE !!


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