Price : $14.87
Brand : Lavazza

Lavazza Espresso Decaf Keurig Rivo Pack, 18 Count

Crafted by Lavazza, the Espresso Decaf is a balanced, medium roast with gently sweet aromas of grape and dried fruit and a satisfying, smooth finish.

The Keurig Rivo single-cup brewing system uses a special packaging for espresso and espresso based beverages called Rivo portion packs or Rivo packs. Each Rivo pack is an airtight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light, moisture and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor. Simply insert the no mess Rivo pack into the brewer and hit the brew button for a fresh-brewed, perfect cup of espresso in under a minute. The Keurig Rivo brewing system allows you to brew cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso based beverages in one machine with an attached milk frother. Please note that the Keurig Rivo portion packs are only compatible with the Keurig Rivo brewing system.

18 servings


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