Brand : Swift Promotions

Milk Frother Espresso Brush by Swift

Introducing the Milk Frother Espresso Cleaning Brush by Swift Promotions! Are you TIRED of struggling to clean your milk frother once you have made a coffee? Just want to sit down and ENJOY your coffee? Look no further!! Our espresso cleaning brush has been designed especially for milk frothers and is the answer to your problems! Our brush has been ergonomically designed using high quality materials to fit right into the hard to reach areas of your milk frother, making it extremely effective and easy to use! This uniquely designed brush will clean away milk build up in seconds meaning no more elbow grease! Features - The angle of the brush fits perfectly to the sides of your frother and easily lifts any milk residue, the small end of the brush is to clean any milk build up on the frothing attachment piece and any hard to reach areas on the lid of the frother. - Ergonomic, comfortable grip suitable for both left and right handed people. - Sturdy bristles at either end of the brush that will clean away milk build up with ease without damaging the frother. -. High quality packaging to ensure it is delivered to you safely! Guarantee This brush is seriously so good that you should probably purchase two of them! Buy with confidence with our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee! Click on the Add To Cart button to become a proud owner of the milk frother espresso cleaning brush!


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