Brand : Ogniora

Ogniora Burr Manual Premium Coffee Bean Grinder of Solid Beech Wood Body and Heavy Duty Steel Adjustable From Coarse to Fine Grind – Can Also Be Used to Grind Dry Spices

Usage Instructions:

To select the coarseness, rotate the adjustable washer. For fine grind, rotate clockwise and for coarse grind rotate anti clockwise.

Put coffee beans in the top section and test your setting with a few turns of the handle until you achieve your preferred coarseness.

Once all the coffee has been ground remove the ground coffee by opening the wooden drawer.

Different coffee makers will require different coarseness. As a guide you can grind fine coffee for making Espresso or for filter coffee. Grind coarse coffee for use with French press or percolator.

Care instructions:

Clean the grinder using a non-abrasive brush or damp cloth. Do not immerse the wooden parts in water.

First Use:

On first use you will need to attach the grinding handle. Simply unscrew the screw on the top of the grinder, attach grinder handle and replace the screw.


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