Price : $1295.00
Brand : Nuova Simonelli

Oscar Barista Pre Infusion Programmable Espresso Machine Simonelli

What comes in the box? 1 x Espresso Machine brand new 1 x Hand book with hotline phone numbers U.S. and international 1 x Spare part brewing group gasket 1 x Portafilter with basket for 1-shot extraction 1 x Portafilter with basket for 2-shot extraction 1 x blind basket for flushing the brewing group 1 x plastic tamper (works perfect but not weight on it) 1 x Milk thermometer 2 x Espresso cup and saucer 1 x Espresso Bean sampler (if you might not have a very good grinder, we can send you the samle in the right grind for this machine) 1 x Digital total water hardness meter to assess the water quality over years (if you might change from bottled water to different bottled water, you move, etc.) 1 x Dealer warranty on the machine 1 x Lifetime telephone support for setting up the machine, maintaining the machine, how to extract the shot and make a perfect latte and all other questions coming up over the years (support valid for you as long as you own the espresso machine


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