Brand : Cornucopia Brands

Reusable Nespresso compatible filter cups, fill with your favorite coffee, and use over and over

Reusable Nespresso Compatible Filter Cups, Make Your Own Reusable Nespresso Capsules (6 Pack)

These Nepresso compatible reusable filter pods are made of food safe durable plastic that can be used many times and will fit the following Nespresso models:

Reusable filter cups compatible with the Essenza, Citiz, Pixie, Laftissima, and Inissia Nespresso models.

Easy to use, simple fill with your favorite ground coffee, insert into nespresso machine, rinse out, and use again.

Relieve yourself of the otherwise limited Nespresso menu, by filling our reusable filter pods with your choice of coffee. Our reusable filter pods can be easily filled and are a great money saving green option.

Each order includes 6 reusable filter cups, enough for flavor specific cups, in case you lose a cup, or one wears out. These reusable Nespresso compatible pods are an amazing way to take your coffee experience further.

This product is manufactured in The Peoples Republic of China


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