Staresso Coffee Maker with Espresso, Cappuccino, Quick Cold Brew All in One


Working pressure: 15~20bar

Ground coffee capacity: 0.35oz (10g)

Water capacity: 3oz (80ml)

4 functions in one small machine: Espresso, Milk foam (cappuccino), Quick cold brew, French plus

Coffee to be discovered: Try with different ground coffee, water temperature and capacity, operation power and speed, you might make a new taste belongs to you.

High quality materials:

Food graded SUS304 stainless steel, PCTG (without Bisphenol A), Silicone, PA

Comparison of Brewing Methods :

Drip coffee maker or French press .

Drip brewing or French press machines pass water through coffee power slowly, so hot water will bring more bitterness from ground coffee. While, without pressure, extraction for flavor is too weak. But STARESSO is using good pressure to brew hot water through ground coffee quickly; more flavor is coming out with less acidity or bitterness.

Espresso Machines

Staresso is much smaller and portable, we don’t need to worry about the space of our room, and Staresso is a good mate to accompany us anywhere.

Besides Espresso, Staresso can also make Quick Cold Brew, French coffee and style coffee or even milk foam tea.

Staresso has no maintenance. But Espresso machines require regular cleaning and descaling with caustic chemicals. They also require disassembly and cleaning of the showerhead.

Tradictional cold brew

Traditional cold brew machine takes several hours at least to make a coffee. While, it takes only several minutes for STARESSO to make a cup of cold brew coffee, which has very attractive cream and flavor much better than normal cold brew coffee.


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