Brand : STK

STK Carafes 2 Count Refillable Filters for Keurig 2.0 K350 K550 K250 K450 K300 K500 K400 K460 K560 Brewers By Sterlingtek

We give you a two pack of carafes at a great price so you can have one ready to use. The STK Carafe is a top quality Carafe which is made of 100 percent SAFE materials that lets you make a full or partial carafe of coffee with your own coffee instead of using the the high priced K-Carafe packs. SAVE UP TO 80 percent by using a STK Carafe filled with your favorite brand coffee or loose tea leaves. 100 percent SAFE Reusable Coffee Carafe filter made of BPAfree plastic, with an integrated stainless steel mesh filter, and attached hinged lid. Use this reusable carafe to make larger travel cups of your favorite coffee without wasting coffee. Compatible with these Keurig 2.0 models: K250, K300, K350, K400, K450, K460, K500, K550, and K560 Brewers and more. EASY TO FILL – For a full Keurig 2.0 carafe start by putting 4 level T. (tablespoons) of your favorite coffee in the STK CARAFE, this leaves room for the coffee to expand. The STK Carafe K-Cup is designed to work with medium ground coffee without a paper filter. Finer ground coffee may require a paper filter. Commercial Carafe pods use approximately 3.7 T. of slightly finer than medium ground. POSITION FILLED/CLOSED STK CARAFE in holder with HINGED LID FACING FRONT OF BREWER – Select 3 – 4 cups for strong, or 4 – 5 for milder coffee. Experiment with coffee and water levels to make it perfect for you. Make your coffee your way. Pick your favorite brand and flavor of coffee and make it the strength you like. If you have a coffee grinder, you can have nice fresh ground coffee ground the way you like it. It has to be better than the store bought K-Carafe Packs. SterlingTek advertising images and text are protected by trademarks and copyrights.


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