Price : $48.95
Brand : Physio Room

Tenscare Touch TENS Machine

Easy to use dual channel digital TENS machine for effective pain relief featuring seven preset programmes. Just stick on the electrodes, press a button and this simple-to-use TENS machine will use an electrical current to reduce your pain.

When can I use it?
TENS is recommended throughout the world by pain clinics and physiotherapy departments because there is strong scientific evidence that proves it works to relieve pain.
NB: Not Suitable For Use During Labour
Some examples of conditions helped by TENS are:
– Arthritis
– Back and Neck Pain
– Period pain
– Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
– Sciatica
Please note: This product is not suitable for use during labour

How does it work?
An electrical current is passed through the skin to stimulate nerve endings and produce drug free pain relief. The stimulated nerve endings send a signal to the brain.
The Touch TENS machine features:
– Dual Channels, which means that it has two pairs of adhesive electrodes. This means the electrodes can be positioned to treat pain that is distributed over a wider area
– Timer settings can be set to constant or treatment durations of 60/40/20 minutes
– Seven preset programmes – press the button and get easy instant TENS treatment
– Battery powered – Included are 2 x AA alkaline batteries, 2 x leads, and a pack of 4 electrode pads
– Fully portable and only 300g in weight.
Always follow the manufacturers operating instructions.


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