Price : $89.99
Brand : VonShef

VonShef 1000W Programmable Digital Filter Coffee Maker with 24 Hour Timer, Reusable Filter, Hot Plate & FREE Measuring Spoon- 12 Cup Capacity

Prepare the perfect cup of coffee with ease with the VonShef 1.8L Filter Coffee Maker.

Clear backlit LCD display with programmable timer gives you the freedom to enjoy freshly filtered coffee whenever you like.
Whether you like your caffeine fix first thing in the morning or to combat the mid-afternoon slump, this appliance makes coffee making convenient.

The VonShef Coffee Maker comes with a removable funnel and removable filter, saving you the expense of buying paper filters.
Large 1.8L glass jug with cup markings holds enough for up to 12 cups of coffee – that’s more than enough to see you through the day or brew up a round.

The jug comes complete with a lid to keep coffee fresh.
The Coffee Maker also comes equipped with a handy hotplate, which will keep coffee warm for up to 35 minutes.
Clear water gauge with markers lets you see how full the coffee machine, so you can brew just as much as you need.

Strong yet sleek stainless steel/ black design adds a contemporary touch to the kitchen.
Great for use in the home or office.
Comes with FREE coffee measuring spoon.

Specification: Size: 12.9 x 9.3 x 16.9 inches (approx.).
Power: 1000W Capacity: 1.8L


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