Price : $24.34
Brand : VonShef

VonShef Double-Wall Keep Warm Satin Brushed Stainless Steel French Press Cafetiere Coffee Filter(6 Cup w/ Measuring Spoon and Sealing Clip). Available in sizes 3, 6 and 8 Cup

Are you tired of instant coffee? Are you tired of your coffees lacking flavour? Or are you just plain tired? The VonShef cafetiere allows you to easily brew a delicious cup of fresh ground coffee to start your day off strong.

The VonShef cafetiere is easy to use, simply scoop in your favourite pre-ground or freshly ground coffee and add the required amount of water just off the boil. In just 4 minutes your coffee will be ready to filter, use the specially designed plunger to sieve out any remnants of ground coffee from your brew and enjoy.

There are 3 sizes available, 3 cup, 6 cup & 8 cup. Choose the size that best suits your needs.

The VonShef cafetiere is made from high quality satin brushed stainless steel, complete with a double-wall to keep the outside from getting too hot.

Everything is dishwasher safe, making our cafetiere easy and quick to clean.

3 Cup – Diameter: 2.8″ – Height: 5.4″ – 12-Oz

6 Cup – Diameter: 4″ – Height: 6″ – 28-Oz

8 Cup – Diameter: 4.3″ – Height: 9″ – 34-Oz


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