Brand : VonShef

VonShef Whole Coffee Bean, Nut & Spice Grinder – Powerful 150W Motor with Stainless Steel Twin Blades

VonShef Coffee, Nuts & Spice Grinder
Take control of your coffee with the new VonShef Coffee Grinder – the easy way to achieve delicious drinks.

Grinding your own whole bean coffee from scratch is renowned for being the best way to get the freshest cup of coffee, confining instant coffee to the back of the kitchen cupboard. Grinding whole beans releases their unique aromas and flavours, transporting you to the exotic shores of Latin America, to the very origins of the coffee.

After sampling the delights of homemade ground coffee, you will instantly understand why creating your own is a far superior option to pre-ground coffees bought in stores.

Coffee Which Hits The Spot
Incredibly simple to use with one button simple one button control, within seconds the VonShef Coffee Grinder will provide you with the most important component in achieving a truly mouth-watering beverage. Your morning wake-up call or mid-afternoon pick me up never tasted so good!

Simple Steps To Perfectly Ground Coffee Beans

1) Remove the cover and add your coffee beans. You can add up to 2.5 oz.
2) Replace the cover and plug in the appliance.
3) Begin the grinding process by pressing and holding the one touch On/Off button. Release to stop.

Once you’ve ground your coffee into a good consistency, simply transfer into your usual coffee making appliance. We have a great selection of VonShef branded coffee machines to suit your needs, including coffee percolators and cafetieres!

Built To Last, Easy To Use
Built to stand the test of time, the VonShef Coffee Grinder is extremely robust, featuring a powerful 150W motor and strong stainless steel blades, which make light work of grinding tough coffee beans. Non-slip rubber feet make it extra safe and sturdy worktop!

Also suitable for grinding nuts and spices.

Capacity: 2.5 oz


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