Brand : Eco Trading Estonia

Wooden Coffee Measuring Spoon, Handmade from Natural Solid Wood (Aromatic Juniper), 1/2 Tablespoon

How does juniper kitchenware improve your life? Juniper wood is valued for its pleasant and long lasting aroma, decorative structure and good physical properties due to slow growth rate. Juniper oil is antibacterial and helps wood resist bacteria. Inspired from centuries of handicraft in Northern Europe, the exclusive design of this high-quality product is traditional and beyond trend. The beautiful design and scent of juniper means anyone stepping in your kitchen will notice your awesome kitchenware! Our kitchenware is also functional and you will enjoy using it. Our natural utensils don’t contain lacquer or harmful substances and are safe to use. They are heat-resistant and don’t get hot, exude toxic fumes or melt like plastic. They will not scratch your nonstick frying pans. Food that comes in contact with juniper preserves its original taste and freshness. This product is made of naturally renewable materials in environmentally responsible way, it is eco-friendly, fully recyclable and biodegradable. Hand-Made with care, this item has smooth surface, is strong, sturdy, and perfect for everyday use. Each piece is unique and will vary in texture and color. Proper maintenance helps product last for long time. This item is made from solid wood and is not suitable for dishwash. Cleans easily by hand wash. Dry with towel. To ensure longevity, do not leave in extremely dry or humid conditions, don’t soak in water or dry in oven.


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